If you have any other questions or would like additional information please contact us here.

How do I sign up to participate ?

Please sign-up using the booking form.
We’ll review your application and let you know whether we still have free stalls and if there is availability for your particular craft. If your submission has been accepted you will be able to pay your stall fees. When we have received both your form and cleared payment we’ll confirm your place.

When should I arrive and when should I leave ?

The unloading and packing time for our indoor events are one hour before and after the market starts and finishes. There is no advantage in turning up particularly early and you shouldn’t start to pack away until the advertised finishing time. Please leave your stall space clean with any rubbish removed.

What happens if I need to cancel ?

Cancellations for whatever reason prior to the event booked are non-refundable. Fees are non transferable.

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing (email). If you are not going to attend a booking that you have made, you must let us know as soon as possible. Failure to do so or persistent cancellations may result in refusing all future bookings. There are no cancellation fees. Once you have notified us of a cancellation in writing (email), we shall reconfirm your cancellation to you in writing (email). If you do not receive an acknowledgement of cancellation from us, please contact us, to check that we have received your written cancellation.

Please, read our terms and conditions carefully.


When will I know if my booking has been accepted ?

Normally within a week of receiving your booking form we will write to you confirming which event you can attend. We will return any payment for unaccepted subscription (in the event you made the payment with your booking form or before our answer). You will then receive an individual confirmation in the week preceding the fair giving you full details of the event.

Will I be the only one at the fair selling my type of craft ?

Again, not necessarily. The Sticky Fingers Craft Fairs limit the number of each type of craft stall at each event. As a guideline we try to keep to one stall in every raw but please don’t take this as a guaranteed maximum. You could possibly find up to four stall of the more common crafts. With popular crafts, where there are always more applicants than space, we endeavour to select stalls that reflect a variety of different aspects of that craft. The Sticky Fingers do try to avoid having too many stalls that clash but there will, necessarily, be a degree of overlap otherwise no craft fairs could ever be filled.

Can I bring an hanging rail, a small table … ?

We have no objections to extra table (for tools), hanging rail etc … providing you can fit them in your allotted space and that you inform us beforehand in your booking form. They must not unreasonably block the way or inconvenience other stallholders. If they do you will be asked to move them immediately.

If I ask for an ‘end of row’ stall will I get more space ?

Probably not. An end of row stall is what it says, a stall at the end of a row. It does not necessarily mean that you will get any extra space.

How much space will I get ?

Each stall comprises access at both end of the table and two chairs. You can book extra tables if needed, however they will be next to each others (no U set up for example). If you do not require a table or wish to book some extra space please get in touch.

The venue offers two types of tables :
– rectangular : 6ft x 3ft
– round : 5ft

As a stallholder are they any commissions or any additional cost involved ?

There is no commission charge or any additional fees by The Sticky Fingers other than your initial subscription.

Will any commercial businesses be taking part ?

Commercial businesses like Scentsy, Cookie Lee, Avon etc… are allowed at some of The Sticky Fingers Craft Fairs but spaces are very limited.

Will electricity be available ?

Yes, at no extra cost. However, the supply of sockets is limited. You will need to provide adequate extension cable to reach your table The maximum load that any stall is allowed to draw for lighting is 200watts. If your lighting exceeds this then you may be instructed to turn some off. If you require more power you should advise us at the time of booking. Multi-way adaptors isn’t allowed.

Is smoking allowed ?

The Sticky Fingers have a no smoking policy. It also forbidden to smoke inside the venue. However, if you wish to smoke you can go outside before and after the craft fairs opening hours.

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